My friend Cheryl Corbin offers fantastic advice on using social media.

Olivia Gaines Author

It has been an extremely hectic three weeks. As I head into this next phase of my life, I am learning by watching, reading and reacting to the positives. I have worked diligently on my Cash Only 90 Day Challenge and am rounding the corner, but you know what I am finding? It is hard to balance your work habit and ethics with your business.

Hunter S. Thompson said, “Anything worth doing, is worth doing right.” If you are planning to be an author, especially an indie author, it is very relevant to mind your business. There are several things that one must learn early to get right. The ethics that one displays when composing the story, also become critical when you are building your audience base. If I am going to be a fan, I want to head to your website and see an updated photo of you.


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