Our mission is to support educational, social, and environmental programs in the community through fundraising activities. In addition to the fundamental needs, there are many factors that will shape the long-term development of our children beyond; such as education, health and fitness, citizenship,  and community awareness. While there are several government and non-profit programs designed to provide our future generations with tools to influence these factors, their success is contingent of the generosity of the community. Contributions to these valuable organizations are directly related to economic times and a socially responsible community.

Our objective with this blog is to raise awareness of local and regional events. While we live in a global community, we believe that social responsibility must begin with awareness of the needs in your local community. Whether your interest involves donating money, contributing time, or just staying informed we want to add our voice as a source in the community.

Garden City Fundraising also provides organizations with a profitable alternatives to traditional fundraising, while also minimizing the effort to reach contributors. Please visit us at Garden City Fundraising, or contact us at (762) 233-8519  to ask us how to use our system to support your programs.

Frederick Griffin




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